Wednesday, November 22, 2017

"We've Lost Our Living History": No Pearl Harbor Survivors Found for Florida Event

From the November 14, 2017 Sun Sentinel (Florida) "'We've lost our living history':  No Pearl Harbor survivors found for South Florida Event"  Lisa J. Huriash.

The people of South Florida want to commemorate the event and honor survivors, but this year, for the first time, they can not locate any survivors.

One of the last-known South Florida survivors was Edward Hammond, 93, of Deerfield Beach, but he died in September.  Nationwide, it is believed that fewer than 2,000 of them remain.

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association was founded in 1958 and dissolved in 2011 because of declining membership.  There motto was "Keep America Alert!  Remember Pearl Harbor!"

The commemoration will be held December 3 at the Coast Guard Station Fort Lauderdale in Dania Beach.


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