Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Bits of War: Pearl Harbor-- Wofford College Beats UNC!!

1.  PEARL HARBOR--  The Dec. 6, 2017, Fortune magazine had an article "What You Should Know About the Pearl Harbor Attack."

It mentioned that after the first wave came in, there were five additional attacks that lasted until 9 p.m., December 7, 1941.  I knew of the two waves, but not the additional attacks.  Unfortunately they didn't say anything about the other attacks.

The article also mentioned that the wreck of the USS Ward, the destroyer that engaged the Japanese mini submarine at the harbor entrance before the planes arrived, had been found at the bottom of Ormoc Bay, Philippines.  I had heard nothing of this story.

2.  WOFFORD COLLEGE--  Still all excited by Wofford College's huge victory over defending national champion and #5 UNC last week.  The Carolina student newspaper describes it as an "unthinkable upset."

In case you are wondering why I included this, I also found that the Wofford College campus was taken over during World War II to train Army Air Corps officers.

Go You Wofford Terriers!!  --GreGen

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