Monday, December 18, 2017

For Pearl Harbor Unknowns, A Final Rest --Part 4: Joseph Triolo Remembers His Friend Donald McCloud

Joseph Triolo, 96, is in an assisted living facility in Zion, Illinois.  He is waiting to hear from the Defense Department when they identify Donald R. McCloud, a sailor aboard the Oklahoma and one of the unknowns.

McCloud was one of Triolo's closest friends growing up in Waukegan and he followed Triolo's lead to enlist in the Navy in 1937.  The two were at Pearl Harbor that day, but on different ships.  The night before the attack, they had watched a baseball game between two Navy teams.  Then McCloud had bought Triolo a beer.

Triolo was on the USS Tangier when the attack came.  He remembers the chaos:  "There were so many men getting killed, you couldn't think about it.  You just went on and did what the hell you needed to do."


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