Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Hemp Industry in Illinois-- Part 1: Victim of War on Drugs, Hemp Industry Poised for Comeback

There were several mentions of DeKalb County being chosen a site for a new hemp industry to help the war effort.  In the last post, I wrote about sites for hemp mills.

From the May 22, 2014, Chicago Daily Herald  "A victim of war on drugs, hemp poised for Illinois comeback."  Burt Constable.

This week, the Illinois legislature moved a step closer to reviving the plant once hailed in our state as part of our patriotic duty.  A bill to allow Illinois colleges to do research on industrial hemp.

Illinois once had a thriving hemp industry, but not anymore.

The tall agricultural hemp once grown by Illinois farmers is not the same as the leafy pot plants grown for medical marijuana or by illegal drug producers.


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