Saturday, January 6, 2018

"The Mighty Eighth"-- Part 6: Eyes of the Eighth

These are taken from the Paralyzed Veterans of America "Hereoes of the Air" 2018 Calendar featuring the aviation artwork of Gil Cohen.

A great calendar for a great cause.  Every month has a painting and information about it/



"It is 1944.  The rain had ended about an hour earlier, leaving a damp, penetrating chill in the air.  Aircraft of the 25th Bomb Group sit on the tarmac of the 8th Air Force Station 376, Watton, England.  A mechanic makes a last-minute check of the aircraft's starboard landing gear.

"A mud-spattered jeep pulls up, and two figures emerge from the vehicle.  The pilot and his navigator are dressed in full flight gear, parachute harness and flying helmet with oxygen mask."


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