Friday, February 9, 2018

"The Mighty Eighth"-- Rosie's Crew-- Part 2: Two Tours of Duty

On October 10, 1943, not long after joining the 100th, Rosie took part in a particularly perilous, ill-fated mission over Munster, Germany.  With two engines dead, the intercom and oxygen system non-functional, and with a large ragged hole in the right wing, Rosie's plane was the only plane from his group to make it back to base.

Rosie went on to volunteer and complete two tours of duty (50 missions).

During his second tour of duty, Rosenthal's plane was shot down over German-occupied France; he fractured his right arm, had multiple head contusions and other injuries.  He was rescued by members of the French Resistance and insisted on returning to duty as soon as his wounds were healed.


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