Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Main Weapons At the Battle of the Coral Sea

From the May 2018 We Are the Mighty  "Here's a run down of the main weapons at the Battle of the Coral Sea."

The number after the plane denotes how many were at the battle.

In 1942, fleet carriers had three types of planes:  fighters, dive bombers and torpedo planes.

**  F4F Wildcat  (42)--  One of the Navy's most successful fighter planes of all time.

**  Mitsubishi ALM Zero  (54)  Called the "Zeke" by Americans.  Japan's best fighter.

**  Douglas SBD Dauntless (74)  The U.S. Navy's most lethal ship killer.

**  Aicha D3A  (41)  Called "Val" by Americans.  Japan's primary dive bomber.

**  Douglas TBD Devastator  (25)

**  Nakajima B5N  Called "Kate" by Americans.  Japan's ship killer.


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