Monday, July 9, 2018

Military ID's 100 Sailors and Marines From the USS Oklahoma

December 3, 2017

The military has now identified the remains of 100 sailors and Marines who died December 7, 1941, aboard the battleship USS Oklahoma.  Their remains were recovered when the ship was finally uprighted a couple years after it capsized, but, due to the length of time underwater and the nature of identification process being so poor (before DNA), not many were identified.

Two years ago the the remains of nearly 400 men were exhumed from the Punch Bowl Cemetery ion Oahu Island in Hawaii.  Officials expect to have 80% of them identified by 2020.

Most of the newly identified have been reburied in their hometowns.  Others have been reinterred back in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (The Punch Bowl).  Only this time, their names are given and they are buried in individual graves.

Again, Thanks Military.  --GreGen

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