Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Odyssey of Utah Man and Ploesti-- Part 1: The 31st Mission

From the 2018 Paralyzed Veterans of America calendar.

In the scene, the exhausted crew of the B-24 Liberator Utah man, has returned to their base near Benghazi, Libya, on August 1, 1943, after bombing the great oil refineries around Ploesti, Romania.  The pilot, 1st Lt. Walter Stewart, is describing his mission experience to Major Ramsay D. Potts, who had returned earlier that day.

Stewart had already flown his required 25 missions and could have returned home, but he decided to stay to carry out his 31st mission.  he was appointed deputy leader as the group of bombers approached Ploesti.  With few ground features, the target was difficult to pick out and radio silence was mandatory.

Then, one of his crewmen spotted the refineries "at 9 o'clock."

It's On.  --GreGen

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