Thursday, August 16, 2018

Camp McCoy, Wis.-- Part 6: Trained the 100th Infantry Battalion

The first unit to train at the new base that was Camp McCoy was the 100th Infantry Battalion.  This unit was comprised of Hawaiian National Guard who were of Japanese descent.

They served with distinction in Italy, suffering severe casualties while compiling one of the most remarkable  battle records of any U.S. unit during World War II.  More than 9,000 Purple Hearts were awarded to its members.

Shortly after they received their training at Camp McCoy, they were followed by the  2nd and 76th Infantry Divisions.

From Wikipedia.

The unit was unofficially called "The Purple Heart Battalion" and had as a motto "Remember Pearl Harbor."  Twenty-one received the nation's highest honor, the Medal of Honor.  In 2010, the whole battalion received the Congressional Gold Medal.

One Great Fighting Group.  --GreGen

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