Wednesday, August 29, 2018

My Take on Japanese-American Internment

I agree that it was not one of our finer moments and was extremely unfortunate, especially with how much they lost of their possessions during the internment.  But those who completely condemn what was done are looking at what happened from a long distance in the future.

Unless you were there and experienced what happened at the time, you should not put your feelings on the case on top of theirs.

You gave to remember, the United States suffered a huge sucker punch.  Pearl Harbor was not expected, though it should have been.  I still have questions about that aspect of the attack.  How could you not look at Japanese living in the U.S. without some modicum of suspicion?

I am sure that I would have and would have probably favored the relocation.

Again, Put Yourself In Their Shoes.  --GreGen

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