Thursday, October 11, 2018

USS Amethyst (YPc-3)-- Part 2: Patrolled Entrance of Los Angeles Harbor

The ship was assigned to Inshore Patrol, 11th Naval District and helped patrol the entrance to Los Angeles Harbor.  After the U.S. declared war, its role expanded to escorting vessels and convoys as well as  carrying local passenger traffic.

On April 1, 1943, the Amethyst was attached to Surface Task Group, Southern Section, San Pedro, California, and continued patrolling the California coast.  This duty continued until January 1944 and the ship was decommissioned 2 February 1944.

The Amethyst was placed back in commission 19 April 1944, thus time manned by a U.S. Coast Guard crew.  Through the end of 1945, it maintained plane guard station, collected weather data and carried out anti submarine and antiaircraft  coastal patrols.


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