Saturday, October 6, 2018

USS Elvida (YP-109)-- Part 1: Somebody's Yacht

I could not find this ship's name anywhere other than on The Greatest Generation Foundation Facebook page where it mentions Steve Warren as being on this ship.

But NavSourceOnline has it, but just under the name YP-109 with no name.

It was classified as a District Patrol Craft.

*  Built by N.J. Blanchard Boat Co.  Seattle, Washington
*  Completed as the yacht Samona (ON 2223191) for Willits J. Hole, Los Angeles, California , 1923.

*  Sold to Craig Shipbuilding, Long Beach, Ca. as partial payment for Hole's new yacht Samona (later Amethyst PYc-3), 1930.
*  Sold to Thomas R. Dempsey. Los Angeles, CA. and renamed Elvida, 1936


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