Friday, January 25, 2019

WW II Vet Ray "Pops" Merrick-- Part 5: The Case of the Mess Kits and Post War

While in India, he volunteered for the night watch and as such could go to the officers' mess and they'd fix him anything he wanted to eat.  On the night shift, his main duty was to guard the planes which were each in revetments, this for bomb safety.

One night, he heard gravel sliding down one of the revetments and drew his pistol and challenged.    "I almost shot them, but I heard their mess kits rattle and knew they were Americans."  He had one himself and knew the sound well.

Mr. Merrick returned to Chicago and says the returning men were treated nicely.  He lived there until moving out to Schaumburg and has lived in Ingleside since 2009.  He went to school with his wife's brother and knew her because she used to play baseball with them.  They married when he came home and had three children.

Ray has been in the VFW, AmVets and our Post 703 since 2009.

Quite A Story.  --GreGen

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