Monday, January 21, 2019

WW II Vet Ray "Pops" Merrick Turns 95-- Part 1: From Chicago to Burma

You very likely have seen "Pops" around the Legion, enjoying his gambling, beer and occasional blackberry brandy.  Most people, including myself just call him "Pops."  His sidekick is his son Ken.

He was born in Chicago on September 5, 1923, and was a member of the Army Air Corps during the war.  He was drafted right out of high school at age 19 and spent his boot camp training at places in Florida and Georgia.

During the war he served in New Caledonia, India, Burma and Australia and received a concussion from something, he doesn't know what, while in Burma.  Much of the time he was in the service, he was in charge of traffic control and security.

Even as an enlisted man, he could swear at officers if they goofed up as long as he said, "Sir."

Sir!!!   --GreGen

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