Thursday, January 4, 2018

"The Mighty Eighth"-- Part 2: Headquarters Near London

Brigadier General Ira C. Eaker took the 8th AF Bomber Headquarters to England in February 1942, locating it at High Wycombe, 30 miles WNW of London.

In April, Major General Carl Spaatz, moved the Headquarters to Bushy Park, just 15 miles outside of London.  Subsequent commanders included Lt. General James H. Doolittle and Major General William A Kepner.

On June 29, 1942, a crew of the 15th Bomb Squadron flew a RAF A-20 in a British formation on a bombing mission on the railroad yards of Hazebrouck, France.  This mission made the Squadron Commander, Charles C. Kegelman, and his crew the first USAAF members to bomb occupied Europe.


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