Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bits of War: Unexploded Ordnance-- Pearl Harbor Survivors Deaths

1. UNEXPLODED ORDNANCE-- From April 3, 2010, The National. Ali Abdel Qawi, 8, last year lost his right hand and the left side of his face mangled when he picked up one of the estimated 16.7 million pieces of unexploded ordnance still in Egypt after World War II.

Italians, British and German forces fought in Egypt. The country now has a comprehensive mine-clearing and victim assistant strategy in place. Most of the unexploded ordnance is of British origin.

PEARL HARBOR SURVIVOR DEATHS Feb.10, 2010. CARL JURIE a 22-year-old Army GI at Pearl Harbor. he was standing outside Schofield Barracks, 10 miles from Pearl Harbor, when he saw Japanese planes flying overhead and thought, "Geez, those Air Corps guys are out maneuvering early. Then, they started dropping their bombs." He later fought at Guadalcanal for four months.

GARLAND ESLICK, 87, was on the USS Oklahoma when the attack came. His battle station was at the bottom of the ship, but he managed to escape the capsizing.

From the Feb.10, 2010, Marin County Independent Journal. RAYMOND BARKER, 92, was not active in the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, but was an ensign on the destroyer USS Worden when the attack came. The Worden was not hit, but one bomb landed 50 yards away. The ship did shoot down one Japanese dive bomber and was able to get underway at 10:40 AM through the South Channel to sea.

The ship spent the rest of the day looking for submarines and dropping depth charges. In 2005, his sons took him to Pearl Harbor for the 65th anniversary.

The Greatest Generation-- GreGen

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