Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Wreck of the Destroyer USS Jacob Jones-- Part 2

The Jacob Jones left New York Harbor February 27, 1942, to patrol the New Jersey coastline which was coming under increasing U-boat attack. It got so bad that not only were warships (and even ones converted to warships, but lookout towers were built (and lighthouses utilized) to put more out on watch.

One of the lookout towers in Lower Township still stands.

The R.P. Resor, an oil tanker had been torpedoed by a U-boat and was sinking off Manasquan Inlet and on fire. There were no survivors when the Jones arrived so the destroyer continued its patrol, unaware that the same U-boat that had sunk the Resor was now tailing it.

At dawn, Feb. 28th, the U-578 fires a spread of torpedoes and at least two struck the Jacob Jones. The first hit the starboard bow, causing the armaments store to explode. The entire front end of the Jones was blown apart.

More to Come. --GreGen

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