Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The R.P. Resor-- Part 1


This past week, I have been writing about the destroyer USS Jacob Jones which was sunk by a German U-boat aftre attempting to find survivors from the torpedoed tanker SS R.P. Resor.

The Resor was owned by the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey and launched in 1936, homeported in Wilmington, New Jersey.  The ship was 435 feet long and weighed 7.541 tons, crewed by 41 with an additional wartime nine man Navy Armed Guard to man the 4-inch stern gun.

The ship left Houston, Texas,  Feb. 19, 1942 carrying 78,729 barrels of crude oil to Fall River, Maine.  U-boats were very active off the U.SZ. Atlantic coast in the early months of 1942 and the ship was zig-zagging but was torpedoed by the U-578.

Part of That War Off Our Coast That Most People Don't Know About.  --GreGen

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