Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fox Lake World War II Vet Has That Blackhawk Fever

From the June 25, 2013, Northwest (Chicago suburns, McHenry County) Herald "Fox lake WWII vet enjoys Blackhawks spotlight" by Jeff Arnold.

This past year has been rough on George March, 90, as he has had two strokes and continues his battle with bladder cancer, but the Blackhawks and their Stanley Cup playoffs have been a bright spot.  Winning their second chanpionship in four years when Bryan Bickell and Dave Bollard scoring goals in 17 seconds to tie Game 6 and win it was great, but the top of it all was Game 5 at the United Center, one won by the Hawks 3-1 that he will never forget.

March served in the Army from 1942-1945, but on June 22nd, he joined Hawk singer Jim Cornelison on the ice before the game for the "The Star-Spangled Banner."  (We were watching, but unfortunately didn't know the old guy was from Fox Lake, just a few miles from us in Spring Grove. I had been thinking that one of the two servicemen standing by Jim for every playoff home game looked as if they might be old enough to be a World War II veteran.))

His daughter, Sue Mlynski wanted to surprise him with tickets to the game, but none were to be had.  She tried everything she could think of, even calling the Blackhawk front office who said they could include him in next season's pre-game ceremonies, but Sue feared that might be too late.

Then, a few weeks ago, the Blackhawks called back asking if he could get to the Ubited Center for Game 5.  As part of his surprise, the family dined at March's favorite Bohemian restaurant in Schaumburg and then drove to the United Center.  His daughter had secretly brought along his uniform shirt

What a Deserved Experience.  --GreGen

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