Saturday, July 20, 2013

USS Jacob Jones (DD-130)-- Part 2

As part of Destroyer Division 54, it had several submarine contacts.  As a member of a roving ASW patrol on February 22nd, it dropped 37 depth charges during twelve attacks on a target.  An oil slick was spotted, but no proof of a kill was found.

The ship returned to New York for more depth charges and then on 27 February 1942, the Jones spotted the burning wreck of the R.P. Resor.  It circled the stricken ship for two hours looking for survivors, but found none.

At dawn of the 29th, the U-578, which had fired the torpedoes at the Resor and had been following the  Jacob Jones, fired a spread of torpedoes and 2-3 hit the target.  All but 20-30 men died, especially after the depth charges started going off as they were set atpredetermined depths.  This also caused loss of life when the first Jacob Jones sank.


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