Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Looking Back to 1941: Sycamore Man Aboard the USS Chewick

From the May 25, 2016, MidWeek (DeKalb County, Illinois) "Looking Back."

1941, 75 Years Ago.  "  Tom Marriott, proprietor of the Fargo hotel in Sycamore has had an interesting overnight guest at his hotel Thursday night.  It was no other person than his only son, Victor E. Marriott, who is a Commissioned Warrant officer aboard the Shewink, a United States Navy rescue vessel.

"The younger Mr. Marriott finished his training at Great Lakes some time ago and was commissioned aboard the Shewink when she was put back into service on November 12, 1940, after having been out of service for eight years."

The actual name of the ship was the USS Chewink.


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