Saturday, September 17, 2016

William Croswell Croft, USNA Class of 1940-- Part 3: Collision of the Indiana and Washington

William Croft was detailed and ordered to PG School at MIT shortly after the collision between the USS Indiana and USS Washington (both battleships).  This is considered as the worst collision in U.S. Navy history.  Both ships were reduced to just 6 knots maximum speed.  This was made even worse due to the fact that they were within 90 miles of a Japanese airfield.

Croft arrive in Boston 30 days before MIT courses started and within three weeks of waiting, declared that he couldn't concentrate on school work.

He contacted BuPers (Bureau of Personnel and requested a sea billet.  he received a telegram to report to the USS Massachusetts within 12 hours--  a record for fast action by the U.S. Navy.  the USS Massachusetts was another battleship.

A Real Battleship Man.  --GreGen

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