Monday, April 2, 2018

Celebrating Wilmington's Role in World War II-- Part 1: Wilbur Jones

From the January Our State (North Carolina) Magazine  "The Liberty Armada" by Philip Gerard.

Without a doubt, Wilbur Jones is to Wilmington, North Carolina,  in World War II as Chris Fonvielle is to Wilmington in the Civil War.  I'd sure like to meet him and have him give a tour of the sites.  he has even written two books on it.

"A wartime youngster, Wilbur Jones well remembers the constant activity surrounding shipbuilding in his hometown of Wilmington, particularly the social events taking place just as constantly at the Orange Street USO.  The building has been preserved as a community arts center, as well as a public museum featuring furniture and signage, plus the original floor and piano, Hannah Block, for whom the building is named, played the piano when she worked at the USO."


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