Monday, April 30, 2018

USS North Carolina Crewman Visits His Ship

From the April 26, 2018, WWAY, Wilmington, N.C.  "World War II veteran revisits ship decades after serving on USS North Carolina" Jenna Kurzyna.

It has been fifty years since his last visit to the "Showboat."   But Pat Fonzi, 95, remembers it well.  He was just 18 when first boarded the ship.

His comment after seeing the ship again:  "I was happy, everything looks beautiful. Now I can rest a lot different.  I know that everything is going to be nice."

Mr. Fonzi served 1941 to 1945 after joining the Navy to see the world.  On the battleship, he served as a gun captain.

He and his family traveled from Pennsylvania to Wilmington to see his old ship.  The USS North Carolina also hosted a memorial dedication and ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday.

Always Great When a Veteran gets to Visit Their old Ship.  GreGen

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