Monday, April 16, 2018

Radio Londres-- Part 1: "This Is London"

Last week, I wrote about the death of Franck Bauer, the last known broadcaster of Radio Londres.

From Wikipedia.

From 1940 to 1944, the BBC in London broadcast to German-occupied France in French.  It was operated by the Free French who had escaped.  This was done to counter the Nazi propaganda broadcast of the German-controlled Radio Paris of the French Vichy government.

The broadcast also appealed to the French to rise up against the Germans plus coded messages were sent to the French Resistance.

The first transmission was in 1940 and started "Ici Londres!  Les Francais parlent aux Francais...."  translated  "This is London!  The French speaking to the French..."

This is now a famous quote in France.  It was the Voice of thye Free French Forces under Charles de Gaulle.  On 18 June 1940 he made his famous Appeal of 18 June, inviting his countrymen to resist and rise up against their occupiers.


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