Thursday, May 10, 2018

Statue Controversy in North Carolina-- Part 3: To Honor Five Who Died in Crash

One night in 1943, three Russians, one Ukranian and a Canadian were killed when a seaplane bound for the Soviet Union crashed in the Pasquotank River.  Since this was top secret, their sacrifice was never publicly recognized and forgotten for decades.

After Project Zebra was declassified in 2013, efforts to honor these men and the others in the project got underway and a monument was designed to include three figures, one each of a Soviet, United States and United Kingdom aviator.

Back in 2017, the Elizabeth City, North Carolina, city council unanimously approved the statue.  But the new one voted against it.

Myself, I think they are over reacting.  There is nothing wrong with the statue which should be erected.


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