Wednesday, May 2, 2018

U-858 Becomes First German Warship to Surrender to U.S. Forces in 1945

In the last post, I wrote about the surrender of this submarine off Delaware in 1945.

From Wikipedia.

The U-858 was commissioned 30 September 1943 and scuttled by the U.S. Navy in 1947.

Near the end of World War II, the U-858 was sent to the east coast of the United States with orders to destroy as much Allied shipping as it could.  However, it never sank or damaged any ship.  Instead, it surrendered to two destroyer escorts at sea on May 14, 1945 and was taken to Fort Miles, Lewes, Delaware.   Germany had surrendered May 7, 1945.

Afterwards, the submarine was used for publicity to raise war binds and then used for torpedo practice in the New England area before being scuttled near the end of 1947.

It was the first German warship to surrender to U.S. forces.

The War's Over, Man.  --GreGen

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