Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Pearl Harbor Survivors Recognized in Nebraska and Iowa

From the December 6, 2017, Omaha (Neb) World Herald  "Pearl Harbor Survivors, Heroes Recognized At Events in Nebraska, Iowa" by Steve Liewer.

There living Pearl Harbor Survivors:

William Barsell, of Wahoo, was at the Navy barracks ashore.

Ed Guthrie, of Omaha, was on the USS Whitney

Melvin Kennedy, of Grand Island, was on the  USS Riegel.

The family of Lt. jg Aloysaus Schmittm, a Catholic chaplain from Dubuque, Iowa, will receive a posthumous Silver Star.  He was below deck on the USS Oklahoma as it capsized and let 12 other sailors go before him and escape through a small porthole.  This cost him his life.

He was one of the Oklahoma unknowns until DNA identified his remains and he was buried in Dubuque 14 months ago.


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