Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reindeer Service in World War II

From the Dec. 23, 2013, Listverse "10 Wild Facts About Reindeer" by Alan Boyle.

I'll list all ten tomorrow in my Cooter's History Thing Blog, but this one was very appropriate for this particular blog, so here goes.

#7. REINDEER BATTALIANS: The Allies used camels in desert service, but in the Arctic region, the Soviet Union recruited some 6,000 reindeer. Reindeer can forage for themselves and could pull 110 pounds of equipment and supplies.

They were used to transport supplies, carry injured soldiers and, on occasion, even dragged damaged aircraft.

The Soviets also used 1,000 native reindeer herders to help.

Often, the reindeer were used to transport American supplies from the far north Murmansk to the frontlines. Throughout the war, the Red Army was often short on mechanical power and relied on that of animals.

The Arctic town of Naryan-Mar has erected a monument to the reindeer which were so essential for the Winter War.

Not Just for Santa Anymore.  Comrade Reindeer.  --GreGen

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