Monday, December 30, 2013

Wilmington, NC, in 1942-- Part 1

From the Feb. 14, 2012, Wilmington (NC) Star-News "Back Then." //// FEBRUARY 8, 1942: Shipyard Roadwas extended to relieve congestion going to the North Carolina Shipbuilding Company. //// FEBRUARY 13TH, 1942: Two areas in Sunset Park were designated for draft registration: the auditorium at Sunset Park School and the storage building on the North Carolina Shipbuilding grounds. Large numbers of workers at the shipyard were expected to register for the draft. FEBRUARY 13TH, 1942: Thoosands of new families had arrived in Wilmington every month for wartime jobs. The federal government spent $614,000 to help New Hanover County expand and improve public school buildings. //// Inpact At Home. --GreGen

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