Saturday, December 21, 2013

Three Pearl Harbor Survivors Honored-- Part 2

Bob and Rich Miller are members of the Sons and Daughters of Pearl Harbor Survivors. Their father Clarence was on the USS Ramsay during the attack. They estimate that there are around 30 Pearl Harbor survivors still alive in the northern Illinois area.

Three of them: ED BLOCK, LYLE HANCOCK and JOE TRIOLO attended Friday's ceremony.

LYLE HANCOCK, 90, lives in Wheeling and was posted at the Navy Yard's dispensary less than a mile from his barracks but said he had to cross a seemingly endless field to get between the two places.

JOE TRIOLO, 93, of Waukegan, was on the USS Tangier, but his ship wasn't attacked. He believes the Japanese knew the base operations very well: "The church pennant was flying from the yard. The crews, instead of being at their guns, were at church or in their bunks. They knew it. They rehearsed it."


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