Tuesday, December 10, 2013

USS Finnegan (DE-307)

On yesterday's Michigan's Upper Peninsula at Pearl Harbor-- Part 1, I mentioned William Finnegan being killed at Pearl Harbor on the USS Oklahoma and that later in the war, a U.S. Navy ship was named after him. So, I did some research on that ship from Wikipedia.

The USS Finnegan was an Evarts-class destroyer escort that fought in the Pacific escorting convoys and anti-submarine operations. It was named for Chief Radio Electrician William Michael Finnegan who was killed at Pearl Harbor.

It was commissioned 19 August 1944 and decommissioned November 1945 and screened tansports at Iwo Jima. On 26 Feb 1945, while escorting empty transports to Saipan, radioman Robert R. Perry, on radar duty, made a surface contact on what turned out to be the Japanese submarine I-370 which was sunk after a four-hour battle. Perry was given $50 by his captain for catching the signal.

The Finnegan also supported the invasion of Okinawa.

The Story of a Ship With a Pearl Harbor Connection. --GreGen

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