Thursday, March 1, 2018

USS Reuben James-- Part 1: Four Funnel Clemson-Class Destroyer

From Wikipedia.

Last week, I wrote about William Harding Newton of Roanoke, Virginia, who had been on the destroyer USS Reuben James when it was sunk by a torpedo from a German U-boat on October 31, 1941, five weeks before Pearl Harbor.

Was a post World War I four funnel Clemson-class destroyer named for Boatswain's Mate Reuben James (1776-1838) who distinguished himself in the Barbary Wars.  Build in Camden, New Jersey, commissioned 24 September 1920.  314.5 inches long and bean of 31.8 feet.

Assigned to Atlantic Fleet and did duty in the Mediterranean Sea 1921-1922.  Was involved with the cruiser USS Olympia in the return of the Unknown Soldier from Europe.  Based in New York City for awhile.


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