Monday, March 5, 2018

Two Brothers Survived the Sinking of the USS Reuben James


APPLETON, CHRLIE EDWARD, JR. Fireman 2c, USN  #295-89-55  (Probably Charlie)

APPLERON, PARMIE GLENDON, Fireman 2c, USN  #295-89-56

Both listed as enlisting in Nashville, Tennessee.  Home address R.F.D. #2  Sardis, Mississippi.

Next of kin, Father, Mr. Charlie Edward Appleton,  R.F.D. #2, Sardis, Mississippi.

When word of the Reuben James' sinking got out, this had to have been a real hard time at the Appleton home.

One of their sisters died and the obituary said that there were 15 children in the family.

I found that Parmie Glendon Appleton was born 17 September 1921 and died 13 September 1987.  I did not find any information on his brother.

Good For Them.  --GreGen

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