Friday, June 29, 2018

USS Emmons (DD-457/DMS-22)-- Part 2: Stationed in the European Theater

The USS Emmons was launched 23 August 1941 at the Bath Iron Works Corporation at Bath, Maine.  Commissioned 5 December 1941 (two days before Pearl Harbor, most likely the newest ship in the Navy at the time of the attack).

It's captain was Lt.Commander T,C. Ragan.  It spent the first part of the war as a destroyer, before being refitted and reclassified DMS-22 on 15 November 1944.

It reported to Norfolk 31 January 1842 and had its shakedown cruise.  It patrolled the New England waters.  In April it escorted the aircraft carrier USS Ranger across the Atlantic Ocean.

Summer 1942 found the Emmons patrolling out of Naval Station Argentia, Newfoundland and escorting troopships from Boston to Halifax.  It was then stationed in England and did escorting from Scapa Flow, Ireland and the Soviet Union.


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