Wednesday, February 13, 2019

A Description of the SS Lurline By A War Bride-- Part 1

The American War Bride Experience  GI Brides of World War II  "Journal Kept Aboard SS Lurline On Trip To America [from Australia].

The Lurline not only transported men like Ray Merrick and supplies back and forth between the United States and Australia, but near the end of the war found another use.

Kathleen (Feejan) Newell married American Joseph Bertram in Brisbane, Australia, on the 18th of September 1943.  Kathleen traveled from Australia to America on board the SS Lurline with her daughter Corinne in June 1945.

There were a lot of women with their babies on board, also many wounded men, American nurses, refugees and able soldiers returning home.  She had three adults and two children in her cabin.  She felt sick at times.

She was on her way for a new life in New London, Wisconsin.


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