Friday, February 22, 2019

Lt. Wendell Merle Baie-- Part 3: Some More Information

Taken from a newspaper article.

He was not a lieutenant at the time of his death, but an Aviation Cadet.  Funeral service was held at Wirtz Funeral Home in DeKalb, Illinois.  Another one was to be held at the First Methodist Church in DeKalb and the American Legion Post  gave a military funeral  with a firing squad and ritual.

Burial at Greenwood cemetery in Hinckley, Illinois.

He had been killed on a routine night time flying mission near Williams Field in Arizona, where he was stationed.

He had a brother, Ensign Warren Baie stationed at Corpus Christi, Texas.  Aviation Cadet Wendell Baie was to have been married to Joyce Olson of Chicago, who is a student  at Northern Illinois State Teachers College (now Northern Illinois University) at the present time.

They were to be married as soon as he graduated from his training program and earned his wings and commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Corps.  He had met Miss Olson while attending the teaching college.


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