Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Description of SS Lurline-- Part 2: A Day On the War Bride Voyage

From journal kept by war bride Kathleen Newell, June 19, 1945

"Notes of the SS Lurline.

"We are situated on C deck, I stated D.  But was mistaken, there is Boat deck, A deck,  C. B. E. and F decks with cabins to my knowledge, of course, the crew, poor fellows, are way below

"Some cabins have  16 berths.  These are large and airy.  Others like ours are small without portholes, 6 berths and unbearable hot.  We eat on D deck.  The dining room is nice, the food plentiful, and I might say luxurious for war time.

"Of a morning we are called up at 6:30  am with 'reveille' hit the deck, on the double, needless to say we are up and showered before that, and upon the deck.  Breakfast at 7:30 am.  Lunch at  11:30 am. Tea at 5 pm.  We generally have fire drill, then 10:30 taps."


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