Friday, February 15, 2019

A War Bride'sDescription of SS Lurline-- Part 3: Hanky Panky On the Boat Deck?

Lights out meant:  "All passage ways are cleared, passengers in their cabins with lights out.  The smokers lamp is out Taps.

"There are fifteen husbands with their wives on board.  Last night, the  sentry discovered 26 "husbands"?? cuddling on the boat deck, how come?

"There are said to be 600 war brides, 190  babes on board.  The most to travel so far.


"Last night we crossed the  dateline, so we have 2 Saturdays.

"Yesterday was quite an exciting day, we passed ship, also some islands, had two rain storms and saw a lovely sunset.  It was lovely watching the storm, we could see it  gathering huge waves that looked like land in the distance, and then we passed right through it, my but it blew, people scattered in all directions."


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