Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Lt. William Baie-- Part 6: His Brother An Ensign in the Navy

The only time that he had been home since entering the service was for two days in July.  he had accompanied the body of a buddy who was killed to Syracuse and had stopped in DeKalb for the two days while on his way back to his field.

I wonder if this body he escorted to Syracuse was of a fellow aviation cadet from Williams Field?


His brother, Ensign William Baie, is stationed at Corpus Christi, Tex., both sons of Mr. and Mrs. Baie being in the service.  He is survived by his parents and the one brother in navy service.

The body of the DeKalb flyer will be brought back to this city for services but no arrangements  had been made early this afternoon.  Aviation Cadet Baie was very popular and active among the younger set of this city and his death will be mourned by  hundreds in the community.

A Sad Story.  --GreGen

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