Saturday, May 4, 2019

Palmyra Atoll/Island-- Part 2: Handy Spot to Refuel

From Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields Western Pacific Islands: Palmyra Atoll/Island.

**  Two Army B-17s briefly flew in from Hawaii shortly after Pearl Harbor was attacked and landed for anti-submarine patrol.

**  The 5000-foot runway on Cooper Island was completed on January 1, 1942.   Another 3,700-foot runway was built on adjoining Menge Island.

**  The earliest-known aircraft accident there was June 16, 1942.  An Army Douglas C-53 was damaged beyond repair.

**  Eighteen P-39s arrived 10/24/42 and departed  11/2.

**Long range AAF B-24s  also made frequent stops.

**  Contract civilian pilots from Pan American Airways, Consolidated Aircraft and United Airlines flying cargo and personnel to South Pacific areas,  also refueled at Palmyra.


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