Thursday, May 9, 2019

USS Oklahoma Unknowns: Brueswitz, Johnson and Wade

Here are some of the recently identified crew of the battleship USS Oklahoma who died December 7, 1941, and whose bodies were recovered when the ship was uprighted but their bodies could not be identified.

WILLIAM G. BRUESWITZ--  Seaman 1st Class.  Funeral to be held later this year at Arlington National Cemetery.  From Menasha, Wisconsin.

JOSEPH JOHNSON--  From Minnesota.  Graduated from Rushford High School.  Was a football player.    Enlisted in Navy a year after graduation.  Among the 429 who died on the USS Oklahoma that day.

DURELL WADE--  24.  Aviation machinist.  Skipped college to enlist in Navy in New Orleans.  Will be buried at North Mississippi Veteran Memorial Park in Kilmichel.

I'm so glad the U.S. government is having the bodies identified.


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