Friday, May 17, 2019

Two More Pearl Harbor Survivors Pass Away: Clement Hauger, Jr. and Joseph Catenazzo

These are some of our oldest World War II veterans since this was the first battle for the United States.


May 10, 2019    Was in the U.S. Army and when he went outside, saw a Japanese plane flying over: "When it went by, it had a big red ball on the side.  And someone said, 'That's the Japanese.  We're at war!'"

He served 1941-1944.


May 8, 2019  He was buried at Seaside Memorial Cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas.  He was turned down for enlistment at the age of 16, but moved to the West Coast and found another enlistment office and was successful.

He was taking a church boat to shore for the 8:00 service:  "Just another few seconds, these tin plans come right over us so low it scared the hell out of me."

Sorry to Lose Them.  --GreGen

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