Friday, May 10, 2019

USS Oklahoma Unknowns: Seaton and Glenn

Recently identified crew members of the battleship USS Oklahoma who died at Pearl Harbor on december 7, 1941.

CHESTER SEATON--  Would have been 97 on August 8, 2019.  Will be buried next to his parents.  Navy Petty Officer 1st Class.  He is the 149th of the USS Oklahoma's Unknowns to be identified and one of fifteen native Nebraskans identified from the ship.

Five western Iowa sailors also died that day.  Two of them were Eli Olsen of Exira and George Ford of Carroll County who have been identified.

In 1941, Seaton, age 20, served on the USS Oklahoma with Petty Officer Lorentz Hultgren, 23, who married Seaton's sister. Hultgren also died on the Oklahoma in the attack and was unknown but recently identified.

The loss of two family members on the Oklahoma like that had to have been hard on that family.

ARTHUR GLENN--  Machnist Mate 1st Class from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He had also served during World War I  Military records have him stealing an officer's car and driving it to Tijuana where he got into a fight.  Matt  Glenn, a great, great nephew said, "He was kind of a wild dog.  he was a very colorful character."

Enlisted in the Navy April 12, 1917, six days after the U.S. entered World War I.  December 7, 1941, was his birthday and he was 43.


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