Monday, May 13, 2019

The WW II Veteran in Menards: Served On the USS Jaguar

Friday, while in the Fox Lake Menard's store, I met an elderly man wearing a World War II veteran hat so I thanked him for his service.  I then inquired about his service.

He served in the Pacific Theater of the war and on a tanker ship named the USS Jaguar.  It told him that had to have been very scary, all those Japanese submarines with their torpedoes lurking out there.  He said he was just 17 at the time and really didn't much think about it or care.  It was all a great adventure.  His ship had a flatter hull bottom so it could get in closer to shore.

I have recently been writing about the Palmyra Atoll/Island in the Pacific which had an airbase midway across the ocean that was a frequent stop for planes going across it and asked if he had ever been there,  He didn't remember specifically, but said he had delivered fuel to many U.S. bases so might have.

Whenever you see a WW II vet, thank them, talk to them.

Always An Interesting Story.  --GreGen

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