Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Last Battle of the Cassin Young-- Part 1

From the August 29, 2011, Bostonian by Phil Primack.

This 376-foot long destroyer survived one of the last kamikaze attacks of the war nearly 70 years ago and still looks like it's ready to go, but it would sink if it did.

The Cassin Young is high and dry on blocks in the Charlestowne Navy Yard, the National Park where it has been the last thirty year where DD-793 was moored at the end of the pier for most of that time. 

A year ago, it was moved to Dry Dock 1 for a six-month, $3.3 million overhaul, but after four months, and $2 million, the National Park Service (NPS) stopped work on it after it was found the ship was in worse shape than initially thought.  Now, estimates call for $18.7 million to make the ship seaworthy again.

The NPS considered that too much.  The ship is still owned by the Navy, but the NPS has the responsibility for its upkeep.

Well Worth Saving.  --GreGen

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