Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Australia's Naval Effort in the War Often Overlooked

From the April 23, 2013, Christian Today Australia.

Nov. 19, 1941--  All 645 aboard the HMAS Sydney perished when the ship was sunk in a battle with the German raider Kormoran.

Nov. 27, 1941--  138 officers and men died on the HMAS Perramatta sunk off Tobruk in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) lost five major ships and a number of smaller ones in 1942.

The HMAS Perth and HMAS Yarra fought in the Mediterranean in 1940 and 1941 and the HMAS Canberra guarded the Indian Ocean sea routes.  All were sunk by the Japanese in the early months of the war.

The HMAS Vampire, Kuttabul, Voyager and Armidale were sunk in 1942.

On May 14, 1943, the hospital ship AHS Centaur was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine with just 64 of 332 surviving.

I have written a lot about the Sydney and Centaur in both this blog and my Cooter's History Thing ones.

Most People Don't Know Much About Australia's Naval Effort.  --GreGen

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