Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Battle of the Cassin Young-- Part 4

The Cassin Young (DD-793) was one one of 175 Fletcher-Class destroyers built, of which, only four remain, the Cassin Young being one of them.  These ships were not made to last with hulls as thin as a quarter inch.  But, they were fast and agile.

The way of thinking was that in six months, these ships would either be sunk or worn out and they "weren't called tin cans for nothing."

The NPS is considering moving the ship permanently to Dry Dock #2, but that will be expensive as well in these days of budget cutting.

Cassin Young II, grandson of the ship's namesake and Medal of Honor winner, said, "I'm Cassin Young the second, so peopleare going to say that I want to save the ship for obvious reasons.  But this ship is a symbol of what the Greatest generation did to stop World War II, which, along with the Civil War, was the greatest threat this country has ever faced.

He lives in Annapolis, Maryland, and like his grandfather and father before him, is a USNA graduate and spent twenty years in the Navy.

Let's Save This Ship.  --GreGen

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