Saturday, June 8, 2013

Four German U-boats Sunk Off North Carolina Coast

From the Encyclopedia of North Carolina.

Four German U-boats were sunk off North Carolina's coast during World War II.

From north to south:

U-85--  Sunk 14 April 1942 by USS Roper.

U-701--Sunk 7 July 1942 by American Hudson aircraft.

U-576--  Sunk 15 July 1942 by two Kingfisher aircraft and vessel Unicol.

U-352--  Sunk 9 May 1942 by USS Icarus (Coast Guard)

The year 1942 marked the heighth of the U-boat attack on U.S. shipping along the US coasts.

And Many Americans Didn't Even Know About It.  --GreGen

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